WD Trading specializes in B to B trading, offering a host of services to facilitate the trade of products across borders. Based in the US, we are your long-term strategic partner to help grow the sales and distribution of your products.

International Logistics

Every country in the world has their own unique laws and regulations that govern the transportation of goods, and we help you navigate this complex world. Whether you transport your goods by air, sea or by land, you need someone on your side who has in-depth industry experience and access to trusted 3rd party logistics (3PL) providers.



Once you have moved your goods into the US, an important next step is finding the right place to warehouse your products. When you work with WD Trading, you know where your goods will move, how they will be handled, where they will be stored, as well as all the costs associated with the process.


In the wake of COVID-19, e-commerce has grown exponentially, and so have the opportunities for companies wishing to sell their products directly to consumers. We facilitate access to the biggest e-commerce players in the industry and help you place your product in the right channel, at the right price, and at the right time.

Company Representation in the US

For many mid-size manufacturers, setting up an office in the US can be challenging. Besides the direct costs, there are cultural and language barriers to overcome. At WD Trading, we offer a long-term partnership for companies that seek direct representation in the US, without the hassle of establishing a physical presence.

We use our experience, knowledge and vision purposefully to your advantage!

We are committed to cultivating strong and reliable trading partnerships, helping our clients develop and grow their business.


WD Trading is a leading importer, exporter, and distributor of products. Established in 2003, our mission is to cultivate strong and reliable trading partnerships, leveraging our deep expertise in all areas of international trade, including logistics, wholesale, distribution, e-commerce, and direct B to B sales. We are based in Atlanta, with satellite offices in Miami, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Colombia, and Mexico.